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Blazing Fast Internet from Viasat's Exede in Williston, SC

We are a installation company located in Williston, SC. We specialize in flat screen T.V mounting and Custom Installations. We are all about our service and stand behind the products we use. We are NOW a Authorized Dealer For EXEDE Internet.

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Blazing Fast Internet from Viasat's Exede in Williston, SC

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Exede available in Williston, SC from Williston Custom Installations

Exede from Williston Custom Installations embodies the future generation of rural-based online service. Embedded with the newest technology in satellite internet broadband, Exede lives up to its customers' expectations. Download HD films with greater clarity, as well manage the transmission of more sizable pictures and faster e-mail messages. This ultimate combination of fast optimized bandwidth and wireless technology has enabled even those who live out in the country to access the connection that will enable them to get the most out of the Internet.

High Speed Satellite Internet

There are different package options you can choose from based on your internet needs and your budget. For those of you that are new to the web and all its benefits, we offer the $49.99 package deal with 10GB. This internet value is most beneficial for customers that plan to use the net for e-mail, research and keeping up with the daily news. And for an additional $30 charge, you can get twice that capacity at 15GB, permitting the user to view more movies, send along more photos, and enhance your media-rich Internet experience. This package is intended for users who plan to visit content-rich sites such as YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, etc. Our best services come with the $129.99 per month plan, giving you 25GB, ultimate speed, highest-quality bandwidth and is excellent for any and every site you visit. It is designed for users who surf the web for lengthy periods of time and manage many large files, as well as for families with members that access the web all at once from different computers. Our premium packages and plans provide you with guaranteed quality streaming and service you can trust.

Internet From HughesNet

HughesNet, a satellite broadband choice hosted by Dish Network, hosts similar plans that come complete with a coterie of rules and regulations. Unlike Exede, they have a cap of 250MB per day which does not allow customers to reach their full potential in web surfing. Satellite broadband internet is no stranger to HughesNet and if they manage to get an updated satellite system in place, they may become contenders with Viasat.

Comcast Cable Internet, Time Warner Cable Internet, Cox Cable Internet

Geographical locations such as those of rural residents, simply cannot receive all of the internet's benefits by using cable--cable internet just doesn't work as far and wide as Exede. Why should anyone have to change locations, rooms or give up a comfy seat just for the sake of having a smooth connection? Many people still use this form of internet as it provides quick download and upload speeds.

Fiber Optics From Verizon And Google

Both Verizon and Google are using new fiber optic technology to bring you lightning quick internet. With fiber optic technology, internet companies have the ability to expand bandwidth to much greater than it already it was. These companies are pushing the boundaries of landline internet but they use fairly new technology that isn't available everywhere unlike Exede, which is available anywhere in the United States.


Debuting in 2012, this new type of satellite was culled from the most innovative technology available in the modern world--and now you too can use it. Exede provides the best of all possible worlds, offering a solid internet connection with sturdy satellites in country areas otherwise limited to the application of dial up and DSL connections. By way of the Ka band (a decided improvement over Hughesnet's Ku band), ViaSat 1 hosts an extensive bandwidth that allows the user to surf the net at the same speed as those who have cable.

This advanced internet technology was founded just for you, to provide you with the best internet experience around. Do it all--and much faster--with a little help from Exede Broadband Williston, SC from Williston Custom Installations.